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Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Experience Kirby as you never have before!

Welcome to the world’s first Kirby Café Tokyo! With the popular Kirby game series from Nintendo as the main theme. This cafe experience will leave you with the playful spirit of Kirby. The cafe is a permanent addition and located on the 4th floor of Tokyo Solamachi, home of Tokyo Skytree.

Kirby Loco Moco rice bowl
Kirby Loco Moco rice bowl (Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO)

Walk into the cafe and enter the Whispy Woods from the Kirby games. Discover many Kirby-related decorations inside the cafe and let the game-like world transport you inside your favorite character’s world. The cutlery is also an original design for the Kirby cafe. The plates that the pizza is served on are especially charming and sure to bring a smile to any Kirby fan.

Welcome to Kirby Cafe
Welcome to Kirby Cafe (Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO)

As for the food—well, Kirby wouldn’t want to disappoint you—get ready to enjoy lush green salads, kiln-baked pizza, pancakes, pasta dishes, drinks, and a wide assortment of desserts. Fresh and delicious ingredients are brought to the cafe every morning. Every single dish will make you open your mouth wider, although it might not give you superpowers as it does for Kirby, you will leave feeling happier than ever.

Kirby cafe's half-and-half pizza
Kirby cafe's half-and-half pizza (Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO)

Vegan Menu

From September 2021, the Kirby Cafe also began offering a vegan menu for its customers. Vegan, curious, or health-conscious guests can now select from a number of menu items. No need to be too choosy, all the items are delicious—and adorable!

Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO

Try tofu burgers topped with avocado, or—for the pescatarian—there's the avocado and salmon bowl. You won't be disappointed with the citrus salad either (with or without prosciutto)! Whatever you choose, from the presentation to the taste, you're sure to enjoy your meal and the experience of the Kirby Cafe.


In addition to the mouth-watering food and the eye-catching décorations, you can purchase some new and original Kirby products. Kirby is making an appearance with Waddle Dee to bring smiles to every customer. Soft, plush toys, figurines, fleece pouches, and many others. With more items being released in the future, every trip to the Kirby Café Tokyo is sure to be an enjoyable and new experience.

Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO

The café only accepts reservations by website. The cafe can accept parties of up to eight people. It is great for a party with friends. So, take a seat and order your favorite foods, enjoy the music from the Kirby games and the original soundtrack made for the cafe. The whole experience is sure to fill your stomach and your heart.

Photo: Kirby Cafe TOKYO

Getting there

Kirby Cafe Tokyo is located on the 4th floor of Solamachi of Tokyo Skytree at Oshiage Station.

More info

Find out more about Tokyo Solamachi.

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You will never cease to be surprised by the creativity of the cuteness of the Japanese, seriously!
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I was there with Susann last Year. It was really fun :) Even for non Nintendo fans its worth a visit.
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Cute and looks delicious!

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