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Japan's ancient capital home to sacred shrines and Zen gardens

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Kimono-clad woman at Yasaka Pagoda and Sannen Zaka Street in Kyoto (Photo: Guitar photographer /

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Tanabata and Light-up at Kodai-ji 2024

Tanabata and Light-up at Kodai-ji 2024

Early Jul

Colorful display of decorated bamboo branches in the carpark of Kodai-ji in Kyoto to celebrate the festival of Tanabata. The handmade..

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Kahoen Hydrangea Festival 2024

Kahoen Hydrangea Festival 2024

Jun 15th - Jul 7th

During peak hydrangea season, Kyoto's Kahoen garden is set to be filled with around 10,000 hydrangea bushes in bloom.


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Ine Boathouse Ryokan

Ine Boathouse Ryokan

Bonson Lam

At Ine there are surprises and delights in every season. In winter the mountains are blanketed by snow, and you are rewarded by..


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Causette Joli

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Causette Joli is a Japanese cosmetics company that sells nail products that embody Japan’s cultural, natural, and seasonal bea..


About Kyoto

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Region Kansai
Island Honshu
Capital Kyoto in Video
Population 2,636,092
Area 4,612.20 km²

Japan’s capital from AD 794 to 1868, the list of possible tourist destinations in Kyoto Prefecture (京都府, Kyōto-fu) is endless.

You can attempt to visit all of major sites, including but certainly not limited to: Fushimi Inari Shrine and its brilliant vermillion row of torii gates, its many temples (most notably Kiyomizu-dera, Sanjusangen-do, and Kinkaku-ji), Nijo Castle, and Amanohashidate (one of the Three Views of Japan).

Or you can attempt to “experience” Kyoto and its rich culture: appreciate the traditional architecture and maiko of the Gion district, witness the Gion Festival (held every July), and indulge in the various delicacies Kyoto has to offer, such as Uji matcha green tea, tofu, and various Japanese confectioneries. Kyoto is on the bucket list of many a traveller, and for good reason. 

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