Miyako Odori

Annual traditional performance in Kyoto

Early - Late
Venue: Minamiza Theatre, Kyoto When: Early - Late Apr 2021

The annual Miyako Odori is traditionally held in April in the newly reconstructed Minami-za kabuki theatre building in Kyoto. Approximately 60 actors perform, including the famous geisha and maiko of Kyoto.The performance has a long history with traditions carefully maintained in Kyoto even now.

The performance lasts one hour and features are 8 scenes representing all of the seasons. The costumes, scenery and live music are simply fantastic, so even without understanding Japanese, patrons will find something of interest. Though taking photos during the shows is prohibited, colourful booklets are made available for purchase.

There are three performances per day starting at 1230, 1430 and 1630. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the show but reservations are recommended and should be arranged through the official site.

Please check the official site for performance dates.

Getting there

Take the Keihan Railway to Gion-Shijo Station. The theatre is immediately outside of Exit 6. Alternatively, take Hankyu Railway to Kawaramachi Station for a 3-minute walk from Exit 1.

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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

I love Japan very much! I like small towns of Japan where I can watch people doing their business and talk to them carefully. They're always friendly. I like Japanese gardens where I can just sit or walk and take my time. Also I like Shinto Jinja as being there I feel in peace. I like to watch sunsets and then to dine in some small local places. I like to soak into onsen after a long day of wandering. I like Japanese crafts very much as all items are made with great taste and skill. Nihon wo daisuki desuyo!

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Alyssa Santo 9 months ago
Hi! Would you happen to know if a tea ceremony prior to the show is being offered in 2020 and, if so, how do i go about booking tickets for it? Thanks!
Elena Lisina Author 9 months ago
I reserved a ticket with a tea ceremony through their site in internet and paid for it on the entrance. But I didn't like the tea ceremony - it was very short and too many guests. I won't go if I knew it was like that!
Janine Hilario a year ago
When would it be available to reserve/book some tickets? I am booking for a group of 5 and would like to get seats together. I went to the website https://www.kabukiweb.net/theatres/minamiza/ and the Miyako Odori 2020 show is not advertised yet. Many thanks in advance
Janine Hilario a year ago
thank you kindly for these infos :) excited to visit
Kim B a year ago
This would be really amazing to experience!
Elena Lisina Author a year ago
Yes! It's so beautiful and professional - just amazing!
Elizabeth S a year ago
This looks like a rare chance, and a spectacular one, to see geisha and maiko.

Is it hard to get tickets?
Elena Lisina Author a year ago
It's such a special event and most of the ladies came to watch in dressed in beautiful kimono, so I felt I should had put on something more dressy than jeans & T-shirt! : )