Spa LaQua in Tokyo

Spa LaQua in Tokyo

Spa LaQua, an onsen resort in Tokyo, features good quality natural spring water and various indoor and outdoor baths. It’s a g..

Onsen, Sakura and Dreams for Peace

Onsen, Sakura and Dreams for Peace

The second Japan trip was full of new experiences like visiting an onsen and viewing the blooming sakura. My visits to Nagano, Hakone,..

Japan's Cosy Interior Designs 20

Japan's Cosy Interior Designs

Comfortably neutral interiors made up of warm, inviting colours are common at Japanese restaurants, providing a relaxed ambience..

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A Land of Contrasts 10

A Land of Contrasts

Kim B

Part of what makes traveling throughout Japan so enjoyable is that the country truly is a land of contrasts. From varying landscapes..

Mitsugi Park

Mitsugi Park

Sleiman Azizi

A local park in Itabashi City, Mitsugi Park's main feature is its pond, offering cheap boat rides on weekends. The park also..

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