From Woody Hills to Fuji-san 33

From Woody Hills to Fuji-san

Mountains are an important part of Japan's landscape and can be enjoyed in different parts of the country. There are options..

The Iconic Trees of Japan 15

The Iconic Trees of Japan

Some kinds of trees in Japan have a special place and meaning, which can be useful to know for a better understanding of Japanese..

Symbolic Plants of Japan 28

Symbolic Plants of Japan

Many temples, shrines and other traditional places of Japan are decorated with special ornaments and emblems featuring flowers and..

Bells, Big and Small 23

Bells, Big and Small

Bells in Japan can be often found in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples where they play special roles. Small bells used as wind..

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Yusuhara, Kochi Prefecture, is a small mountainous town with truly special natural landscapes dotted with unique architectural wonders..

Kochi 3
Tokyo's Fussa City

Tokyo's Fussa City

Sleiman Azizi

Home to the American Air Force base, Fussa City features scores of stores catering to servicemen and women. Beyond America, however,..

Tokyo 2