Modern and Traditional Osaka 20

Modern and Traditional Osaka

The combination of modern and traditional places is just right for a one-day visit as it gives some idea of the city’s atmosph..

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Fine Hakata Dolls

Fine Hakata Dolls

Hakata ningyo are some of the finest dolls produced in Japan. Made in Fukuoka from local clay, Hakata dolls have a long history..

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Iconic Mt. Fuji

Iconic Mt. Fuji

Some personal thoughts before climbing Mt. Fuji.

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Biens Popolo

Biens Popolo

Kim B

Biens Popolo in Sanjo, Niigata, offers a range of sweet treats that look as amazing as they taste. You can either choose to eat..

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Mishima Taisha 13

Mishima Taisha

Peter Sidell

In Mishima in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, Mishima Taisha is a large, historical Shinto shrine, with a tranquil carp pond, shady..

Kamakurabori Artisans at Work 6

Kamakurabori Artisans at Work

Kim B

Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture is renowned for a special kind of lacquerware unique to the region called kamakurabori. Watching..

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Takagiya Roho

Takagiya Roho

Sleiman Azizi

Takagiya Roho has been producing traditional confectionery in Shibamata since 1868. Known for its connection with the much loved..

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