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On Mt. Mifune Autumn Light-up yesterday
Oh, I might be a bit early for the lights but I'm going to enjoy the park and the scenery nonetheless! :)
On Mt. Mifune Autumn Light-up 2 days ago
Headed here in about three weeks time - can't wait! It looks gorgeous and I'm sure it's even more incredible in person.
On Public Art in Matsumoto 2 days ago
Never knew that! We have one of her pieces out here in Niigata that I know of, but I never realized she actually hailed from somewhere so close...
On Pear-picking in Matsumoto Garden 3 days ago
This time of year is my favorite because I love pears - the ones here in Japan are the best, so crispy and juicy!
On Ryokan Oomuraya, Ureshino Onsen 3 days ago
I love staying at ryokan! This one looks lovely - the bath in particular would have been heavenly, I bet!