Uono River Ayu Festival

Uono River Ayu Festival

The Uono River is a popular spot for fishing, and the most notable catch is ayu, or sweet fish. The Uono River Ayu Festival serves..

Niigata, Sakato Bridge Riverbank,.. Saturday - Aug 24th 18 ¥2,800
Yamacho Meicha 6

Yamacho Meicha

Yamacho Meicha is located in Mori, Shizuoka, and have been selling tea and tea wares for over 100 years. The Shizuoka region is..

Shizuoka 13
Yamaguchi Kannon 6

Yamaguchi Kannon

Yamaguchi Kannon is situated in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, and is said to date back to the 9th Century. The large Kannon tower..

Saitama 10
Schmatz Nakameguro

Schmatz Nakameguro

Schmatz is a restaurant chain that brings German food to the heart of Tokyo. With offerings like schnitzel parmigianas, sausage..

Tokyo 2
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