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Milks Ebisu

Milks Ebisu

Kim B

Milks in Ebisu offers ice cream with an adults only twist. You're able to choose from over 100 liqueurs to top your ice cream..

Springtime Glimpses of Zojoji 8

Springtime Glimpses of Zojoji

Kim B

Zojoji Temple in the spring is bright and colorful, with a mix of tradition and modernity on display. The grounds have a number..

Tokyo 7
The Minamiuonuma Gourmet Marathon

The Minamiuonuma Gourmet Marathon

Kim B

The Minamiuonuma Gourmet Marathon has a picturesque running route, and delicious local eats and drinks at the finish line to enjoy...

Niigata, Yairo no Mori Park.. Sunday - Jun 9th 2 ¥5,000
Gotokuji Temple 6

Gotokuji Temple

Kim B

Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward sets itself apart from other temples, with an incredible number of maneki neko (beckoning..

Tokyo 9
Tottori Sand Museum 6

Tottori Sand Museum

Kim B

The Tottori Sand Museum has a range of detailed sand sculptures, made to coincide with an annual theme. The venue is located in..

Tottori 10
Franze and Evans 6

Franze and Evans

Kim B

Franze and Evans is located in the Tokyo suburb of Omotesando, and offers a range of fresh, deli-style eats. Of particular appeal..

Tokyo 11
Lush Labs Harajuku 9

Lush Labs Harajuku

Kim B

Lush Labs in Harajuku is a concept store dedicated to the art of bathing. Over 80 bath bombs in various colors of the rainbow are..

Tokyo 4
Streets of Matsue 10

Streets of Matsue

Kim B

Matsue, the capital of Shimane Prefecture, is worth a wander! The streets of the city offer everything from castle and lake views..

Shimane 5

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