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Kansai Region

Say hello to Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Mie, Hyogo, Nara and Wakayama

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Kansai, also known as Kinki, is one of the most popular tourism regions in Japan.

With major cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe contributing to the abundance of regional cuisine, culture and history, it’s apparent why Kansai is popular with the masses. In fact, its popularity dates back to the olden times when Kyoto was Japan’s capital and when Osaka developed as a merchant city.

Today, Kinki is the choice region to experience Japan’s culture, traditions and scenery such as Himeji Castle, the Gion district, the Golden Pavilion, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Nara Park, Dotonbori, Universal Studios, and Arashiyama Park.

If your idea of a perfect holiday destination is the pinnacle of civilization set against nature, look no further than Kansai.

Destinations in Kansai