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On Fly from Sydney direct to Osaka a week ago
The great news is that Qantas is now flying to Osaka direct all year, not just for the December to March period.
On Bringing (More) Japanese Food to US a week ago
That is great news Selena, I hope you had the chance to meet some of the cooking class students!
On Akita Top 10 Attractions a week ago
Do you have a favourite spot in Akita? I love cycling by Tazawako, with the cherry blossoms and the lake on one side and snow capped mountains...
On World's Smallest Ukiyo-e Museum 2 weeks ago
You are very welcome. Hokusai never shied away in his depiction of humanity, giving voice to the silent. In one of his prints he depicted a...
On World's Smallest Ukiyo-e Museum 2 weeks ago
Hokusai - A man with multiple names. A wanderer and a misunderstood man, but with a creativity that was too confronting for his straight jacketed...