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On Rokuzan Art Museum in Azumino 3 days ago
The combination of fresh Alpine air and outdoor sculptures is unbeatable!
On Chasing the Unkai 4 days ago
Yes that is a good description. Depending on how heavy the cloud looks, it could be a sea or a blanket. Blanket is a good term as when you...
On Chasing the Unkai 4 days ago
Wow! I remember once writing and receiving a letter once a week in my youth, so opening the mail was a special event!
On Gelato Yummy 4 days ago
Great to see some unique regional flavors reflected in the gelato. I had hojicha (roasted tea) ice cream in Osaka once, it was light with a...
On Chasing the Unkai a week ago
That is lovely to hear. Everything from the post box to the overcoats are a sky blue color. Which then leads me to ask, do you prefer sending...