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On Katashiwa Inari Shrine a week ago
This is a hidden gem in Japan. Peace, relaxation and enjoying the joys of nature. This is what travelling and taking a break is about.
On Okinawa Grand Mer Resort a week ago
Yes, one of the best lunch buffets i went to. You order each dish, made to order, but you can have as much as you like. I am going again in...
On Winter in Yoshinoyama 3 weeks ago
This is stunning and a different world to the cherry blossoms in Spring. No wonder the locals celebrate every season here.
On GEAR Performance Hits Chiba Minato a month ago
It is great that GEAR is coming to Chiba Minato. I saw them in Kyoto, it is magical!
On Kitakinokura Yotsumiya Shrine a month ago
That is so true! The beautiful reeds on the river banks and the bamboo forest is a great place for hide and seek.