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On Snowmobiling at Ozasa Farm 5 hours ago
I had the biggest smile when I saw the photo of the snowfields in front of me and the snowmobile! Imagine being out in the wilderness and enjoying...
On Shinjuku Pit Inn 6 hours ago
Loved these undercover places. I would put it on my map next time I visit Tokyo.
On Oga City Namahage Ride yesterday
This is one fantastic bike ride, Ben, and the locals really know how to welcome you!
On Shiraraso Grand Hotel 3 days ago
Why go to a tropical island when you can come here? This is an amazing place. The combination of the Western and Japanese elements combine...
On Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum 2 weeks ago
The Columbian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez once wrote, “A person does not belong to a place until there is someone dead under the ground...