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On Stay Connected with an IIJmio SIM 11 months ago
Hi Leon,

Thanks for checking with us! I believe these are one and the same – there is only one ¥3,000 setup/SIM fee and only paid once ...
On Snowmobiling at Ozasa Farm a year ago
Agreed – and as the photos show you can probably expect the whole area to yourself if you're lucky :) (this was on a Saturday too)
On N3331 Cafe and Bar a year ago
Definitely one of Tokyo's secret spots!
On Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta 2 years ago
Tsuta will start allowing individuals to purchase multiple tickets from May 20th – which will be great news for those trying to visit as ...
On The Blue Bottle Coffee Experience 2 years ago
Lovely write-up – been meaning to check this place out!