Photo: Tokyo Ramen Show

Tokyo Ramen Show

Forty ramen shops from around Japan descend on Tokyo

Late Oct
Early Nov
Photo: Tokyo Ramen Show
Venue: Komazawa Olympic Park When: Late Oct - Early Nov 2022

Get your taste buds ready – Tokyo's largest ramen arrives in October/November for 12 days. With almost 40 vendors from around Japan serving up their own unique regional varieties, visitors are sure to find a style that suits them.

Take your pick of the many shoyu, tonkotsu, and shio bowls available – each one is available from ¥880. Ramen fans who don't have the time to visit their favorites around Japan won't want to miss out.

Pro tip: Ramen tickets can be pre-purchased from 7-eleven convenience stores.

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Find out more about Komazawa Olympic Park.

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Chris 3 years ago
As much as I love ramen, I'm dreading those lines...
Kim 3 years ago
A tastebud tour around Japan without even having to leave Tokyo? Awesome!
JapanTravel Guest
JapanTravel Guest 3 years ago
Sleiman Azizi 3 years ago
Oh my how that would be heaven...