Kamakura Fireworks

Stunning fireworks on top of the ocean

Venue: Yuigahama Beach When: Mid Jul 2024

Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate and view all the various annual firework festivals in Japan!

One of the smaller firework festivals known as the kamakura hanabi taikai is held annually at Yuigahama beach. This festival is known for using its speciality “underwater fireworks”. This type of firework explodes in the water instead of in the air, which creates a beautiful and colourful half-sphere on top of the ocean layer.

The show lasts for about 50 minutes and sets off 4000 fireworks in total. The venue is pretty large-scale, and fireworks are easily viewable as the event is held on top of the ocean. It is an attractive spot to visit when you’re already in Kamakura or when you just want to take a break from the city, relax at the beach, and enjoy an early summertime night breeze.

Getting there

Take the JR Yokosuka line to Kamakura station. From there walk approx. 15 minutes to Yuigahama beach.


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Alphonso Miguel Ponce 5 months ago
what is the date of this festival for october? it just says early october 2023. thank you
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
I wonder if it was too crowded or o'k?
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Thanks, Michael! I tried to watch Sumidagawa Fireworks in Tokyo, but it was difficult to find a good spot - too crowded and tall building around spoiled the view.
Lynda Hogan 4 years ago
I missed by a few days the last time I was in Kamakura. But its nice to visit Yuigahama beach, I love the throwback 80s vibe of the promenade and beach shops.
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Sounds interesting and different! I hope to wach it this summer.