Adachi Fireworks

A blazing sky over the Arakawa river

Venue: Arakawa River When: Late Jul 2023
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Annually over 600,000 people assemble to watch one of the most popular firework festivals by the Arakawa river in Tokyo's Adachi ward. With a whopping 13,600 fireworks launched within the span of an hour, it's no surprise that this festival is so popular. The show is packed with constant action and contains various artsy firework concepts and music.

The ‘finale’ is truly a spectacular sight where they launch many golden fireworks, brightening the sky while creating the illusion of sunlight at night.

Although a spacious area with good sightlines, spots along the river bank fill up quickly so it's best to arrive early or you’ll be forced to walk until you find an available spot where you can sit. Beware going home might also take some time as around 600,000 people attend this festival making the nearby stations especially crowded after the show is over.

Getting there

Get off at either Kita Senju station or at Kosuge station and walk towards the river banks. Best places to view the fireworks display are marked numbers #10, #11, #19 and #20.

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