Things to Do in Tokyo

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If you're visiting Tokyo, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Step into the world of youth subculture and quirky fashion in Harajuku, where you will be greeted by groups of teenagers in the wildest outfits. This is one of Tokyo's vibrant towns — a combination of an urban facade and traditional attractions.


All things upscale, Akasaka is located close to Roppongi, and is a convenient stop for those looking to splurge. With luxurious accommodation, fine dining options, and shopping galore, prepare for a busy day of spending here.


A 35-minute train ride away from Shinjuku, Machida provides a respite from the chaos in downtown Tokyo. The town offers a mix of traditional charms and modern entertainment to keep visitors busy.


Located on the western end of Tokyo, Okutama is a mountainous range that offers spectacular views for outdoor enthusiasts.


Prepare your party mode and head down to Womb for LiLiTH, “the party #38”, on 21 April for a night of sensational house music and celebration.

Top 8 Historic Spots in Shiba

Located in the heart of all things traditional, the Shiba Celestine Hotel is surrounded by historic landmarks from the Edo Period. From the Satsuma Residence's Stone Monument to Zojyoji Temple of the Tokugawa Family, every corner is a blast from the past for visitors.