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About Harajuku
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About Harajuku

Step into the world of youth subculture and quirky fashion in Harajuku, where you will be greeted by groups of teenagers in the wildest outfits. This is one of Tokyo's vibrant towns — a combination of an urban facade and traditional attractions.

There is much to do in Harajuku, starting from its vintage looking station and Takeshita Dori just in front. The bustling street gets cramped by swarms of tourists on the weekends that adds to the charm. From clothing to eateries that define Harajuku's essence, the narrow street is not to be missed.

Behind the station are Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, both vast grounds that are perfect for strolls and offer many photo opportunities. Meiji Shrine brings you deep into the Shinto religion with huge torii gates welcoming you in and leaving you with a sense of serenity while visiting the inner grounds. Yoyogi Park, in contrast, is full of vigor and is an ideal location for lazing in the sun.

Farther up from Takeshita Dori is Omotesando, where many malls and boutiques line the sidewalk. In the alleys of Omotesando are where the street cultures await. With streetwear brands hogging the back ends of Harajuku, there are always people to be found in every nook and cranny.

A plethora of cuisines to suit any palate is abundant in Harajuku — from Japanese and Italian, to American and Mexican, there is something for everyone.