An Iguanodon in Tokyo! (Photo: Runa Aoki / JT)
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Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest

A mesmerizing collaboration between Galaxy and teamLab

Discover a mystical world where extinct creatures flourish and neon-painted landscapes provide gateways into the familiar, yet unknown.

Located in the quirky district of Harajuku, “Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest” is a new collaboration between Galaxy and teamLab—an international art collective—where guests can catch, study, release, and interact with numerous prehistoric animals in a state-of-the-art exhibition area.

Otherworldly forests
Otherworldly forests

Admission is free; however, we recommend that you reserve a ticket in advance to avoid possible waiting time. This unique exhibit opened on April 8, 2023 and is available daily from 11am to 7pm in one-hour increments.

The projections extend onto the floor!
The projections extend onto the floor!

Upon arrival, the friendly staff will provide you with a Galaxy smartphone equipped with the camera app and teamLab app to guide you on your expedition. Afterwards, they will lead you down a dark corridor—effectively muting reality—and give a brief introduction of the experience in Japanese (English instructions are available on the walls).

Explore the vibrant scenery
Explore the vibrant scenery (Photo: Runa Aoki / JT)

Once you enter the exhibition, the ordinary will instantly transform into the extraordinary. In the fantastical forest, watch rainbow-clad dinosaurs weave through trees and prehistoric frogs, salamanders, and lizards scamper at your feet. Around you, ethereal music interwoven with heavy footsteps and distant roars further brings the experience to life.

Move Beyond Simply Observing the New World

Study Arrow
Study Arrow

Open the teamLab app on your Galaxy smartphone, which you can switch to English, and use the Study Arrow or Study Net to capture a number of prehistoric animals. Once you successfully catch your intended target, the creature will vanish from the exhibit and reappear on your phone. From there, you can read a number of interesting facts about the animal, including its physical characteristics, ecology (habitat, food source, etc.), and relationship with humans. In order to unlock all information about a creature, you will need to catch it multiple times.

Keep an eye out for Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Keep an eye out for Tyrannosaurus Rex!

After you successfully quench your thirst for knowledge, release the animal, and watch it reappear in the beautiful scenery. It will also be added to your collection book, which you can access to keep track of your catches and reread the information you gathered!

Rainbow butterflies
Rainbow butterflies (Photo: Runa Aoki / JT)

Aside from the Study Arrow and Study Net features, you can also interact with the exhibit through touch. Place your hand on a passing dinosaur, and observe its unique reaction. If you stand against the walls, a vibrant cloud of butterflies will flock to you, painting your skin rainbow. You can even influence the direction of the floor-dwelling creatures with your feet!

After Your Exploration

Be sure to take plenty of pictures
Be sure to take plenty of pictures (Photo: Runa Aoki / JT)

Following your expedition, staff can help transfer all the photos you took with the Galaxy-provided phone to your personal smartphone, no matter the manufacturer.

To keep a record of your collection book, you will need to download LINE, a free messenger app popular in Japan. Once you follow Galaxy Harajuku on LINE, you can access “my page” (マイページ in Japanese). From there, select the teamLab section to receive a QR code and link for your personal collection book. If you visit the exhibition again, you can use the same collection book—giving you a head start on your adventure!

Galaxy Harajuku exterior
Galaxy Harajuku exterior
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Getting there

From Omote-Sando Station, which is accessible via the Chiyoda, Ginza, and Hanzomon Lines, Galaxy Harajuku is about a 10-minute walk.

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