Rainbow Fairy Floss

Too much sugar? Never! Totti Candy Factory, Harajuku

By Caroline Hill    - 2 min read

Takeshita Street in Harajuku is known for its colorful characters and fashion, however, it is also known for its colourful and fun food!

We went in search of the ultimate fun food - giant rainbow fairy floss. This fairy floss has to be seen to be believed!

Ranbow Fairy Floss
Ranbow Fairy Floss

Totti Candy Factory is found about halfway down Takeshita Street. It was super busy so we took a card and came back 10 minutes later, joining the queue to go upstairs into sugar heaven.

On entering the store the sweet smell of sugar is overwhelming; sugar high here we come! Of course each of our three boys had to have the biggest fairy floss with all flavors for ¥950.

There are smaller options and small take-home tubs as well as candy pops, in case you don't have enough sugar and need to take some home with you.

The staff expertly twirled the fluffy sugar to make these masterpieces. There is something satisfying about watching fairy floss being spun. Watch till the end, the look on his face is priceless.

There is no seating so the fairy floss is enjoyed outside on the street. This would be fine on a quiet day, however, when we went it was crowded and took great skill to enjoy our delicious treats while not putting fairy floss on each other's, or someone else's clothes. All part of the adventure.

Now how do we eat this in a crowded street...
Now how do we eat this in a crowded street...

So was it too much sugar? With a bit of 'help' from Mum and Dad, they finished it all. Although I must admit we had all had enough sugar for a while. Our next stop? A vending machine for a bottle of water and then perhaps an ice cream, or a rainbow cheese sandwich... well it is Takeshita street and there are so many awesome foods to try.

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