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Totti Cotton Candy in Harajuku

The sweet scent of freshly made cotton candy

Have you ever been to Harajuku in Tokyo? If so, you will definitely know that it is a colorful, chaotic, frenzy of young people dressed in fashionable outfits, cute "kawaii" restaurants in pink and blue, shops selling trendy clothing, and much more. Harajuku is a place for an exciting afternoon of surprises.

During my trip to Tokyo, I could not resist the fun and spunky aura of Harajuku. I did not have much time in Tokyo, but I managed to squeeze in a few hours just so that I could stroll (or slowly push through crowds) in the area. I passed by a shop with a long line in front of it, and looked a little closer at the menu just to find out that it was a cotton candy shop! I could not turn down my curiosity, so I waited in line until I reached the inside of the store to find myself pleasantly inhaling the sweet scent of freshly made cotton candy.

Totti Cotton Candy is located in the heart of Harajuku, but may require a bit of searching to find simply because the large numbers of people frequenting the area may make it difficult to navigate. The inside of the store boasts a fantasy-like aura and offers everything you would expect from Harajuku in its décor - sparkling jewels, pink shelves, rows and rows of colorful, rainbow candy. The lighting inside is also quite mystical, as there is also mist wafting around to help you feel like you are in a dreamworld. At the door, the staff member told me that the wait was about thirty to forty minutes, but it turned out that I only had to wait about ten minutes, which was a great plus! I ordered the "B" type cotton candy (¥600), which was one of three of the three-color cotton candy versions offered. The cotton candy was amongst the best that I have ever have - it was light, fluffy, and everything you would want in cotton candy, but even better! Each color is a different flavor, and all flavors were tasty! I especially enjoyed the blue Ramune (Japanese soda) flavored cotton candy. The Harajuku store also offers a Harajuku Special which is a beautiful array of five colors, and the serving is the largest in size (¥900).

Totti Cotton Candy is also famous for its adorable cake pops that are shaped like animals. They cost ¥400 each, but they offer sets with a box of cake pops and cotton candy, if you'd like to take some Harajuku home with you. Of course if you want something even more substantial, like a burger, head over to J S Burger Cafe on Harajuku Bell Pier.

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Corinna David 7 years ago
Wow. I have to check that out. Sweetness is my weakness. :)
Cordelia Ding Author 7 years ago
The cotton candy was super cute and tasty!

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