Takeshita Street at Sundown

An evening walk up and down Takeshita street, Harajuku

By Joe Robinson    - 1 min read

Takeshita Street in Harajuku epitomizes the simplified external view of Tokyo – an alien urban environment dominated by neon signs and pastel colours. An internationally recognized center of not just Lolita fashion but all fashion, here local trendsetters mix with schoolgirls and stunned western tourists browsing clothes they can’t hope to find in their size.

Located directly opposite the exit of JR Harajuku station, you only need to walk for 30 seconds before entering a kaleidoscope of pink and white, with independent shops to suit every subculture as well as recognisable chains.

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Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson @joe.robinson

21 year old Chinese Studies student at the University of Sheffield, UK Keen photographer (film and digital) and lover of all things East Asian In Tokyo for July 2016!