Haunted Bedroom (Photo: Vivid Creations)
Haunted Bedroom (Photo: Vivid Creations)
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Enter the Real Escape Room in Asakusa If You Dare

Survive the Urban Legend: The house of no return….

Think you could live through a horror movie? You might be surprised by the results. This is no Ghostbusters adventure and isn’t for the faint of heart. Once you and your team enter this horror house you have just 1 hour to figure out the mystery or end up in an obituary.

Starting off in the waiting room located downstairs everyone will be told the rules of the game and the story plot. “I personally thought it was awesome that I was a paranormal investigator.” In the waiting room take the time to relax, make jokes, and think of a game plan. Once it’s your team's turn to enter the house you will be lead to the restroom area and then to the game’s entrance. I highly suggest going to the bathroom before entering the game, the staff has enough to clean up.

Once you are brought to the entrance you will start to notice a slight difference in your teammates. Suddenly all the joking and boasting about survival skills from the waiting room have ceased. You turn around and try to put on a brave face and maybe crack a lame joke to ease some of the tension because this is a game and games are supposed to be fun, … right? Then why is everyone so serious? And how did you end up being the one at the front of the group looking up into a pitch-dark hallway?

The games setup is very clever and makes you work with your team. You’ll also get to see how well you trust each other. There is no way to escape alive by ABANDONING YOUR TEAMMATES. With Halloween just around the corner pick your partners wisely. One hour may seem like a lot of time but it goes by quickly. My team barely made it to the end when we were informed that we only had 10 minutes to figure out the last riddle!

Survive the Urban Legend Asakusa in my experience was just so much fun. If you are into puzzles, riddles, or a person who enjoys games like Clue this is a place you should definitely check out. I’m a big horror movie buff as well so while playing the game I thought if I do this … stuff is going to go down. Then I’d do it and freak out a little inside when it did.

Although you can purchase tickets at the door I suggest reserving a spot ahead of time as they fill up quickly. You can make reservations by calling them directly or book online. Survive the Urban Legend needs a minimum of 2 players and has a maximum of 6. Tickets are ¥3700 per person but you can get a discount of ¥3400 per person by reserving online.

Also, if horror is not your thing they also have other attractions that are a little less intense such as, “Escape from the Red Room”, “Escape from Hunter X”, “The Mummy Escape Game” and their new attraction “Tokyo Metro the Underground Mysteries 2017.” Find out more information on each game.

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Chris 5 years ago
I wish they had these escape rooms that aren't too scary.
Anonymous 6 years ago
Sounds a bit scary haha. It would be fun to go there with friends.
Anonymous 6 years ago
this would traumatize me if I did this alone.
Vicky Amin 6 years ago
Tried this once and would love to do it again! (although I know the plot already :-P)
Shauntoniqua Clayton Author 6 years ago
Yeah. I want to go again just so I can watch my friends freak out.
Justin Velgus 6 years ago
Escape games tend to be expensive like this, but always offer some great memories and a fun mental challenge. When compared to something like the movies or karaoke, escape may be the way to go! PS I am not doing this one alone!
Shauntoniqua Clayton Author 6 years ago
Lol I totally agree. This game was seriously a lot of fun. I wouldn't do it alone either. The more people that participate the better. I would love to go to more of these.

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