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Soundtracked by each station's Yamanote platform melody, TOKYO TRAIN TUNES are fun, universally shareable shorts that highlight standout features and landmarks unique to each neighborhood.

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Some believe the Ikebukuro Station neighborhood is transforming into the northside Shibuya, some believe it’s hopelessly out of fashion.
Known as a Harajuku for grandparents, charmingly traditional Sugamo is famous for a very particular item of clothing of a very specific color - anybody know?
If you like cats and Japanese cat-themed goods, Nippori's the place to visit!
The Ueno Station neighborhood offers some of the best visuals in the entire Yamanote set thus far.
Akihabara's world-famous tech and otaku scenes are second to none on Planet Earth. If you've been before, you want to return, and if you're planning a trip, the Electric Town is an absolute must!
With Ginza, Yurakucho, and Tokyo Station to the south and Akihabara looming to the north, Kanda might seem merely a place to change trains. Not the case - just look at all you would miss!