Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 1 – Ikebukuro

Yamanote Line explorations in sound

 By Shingo Yamada   Sep 13, 2016

Some believe the Ikebukuro Station neighborhood is transforming into the northside Shibuya, some believe it’s hopelessly out of fashion. We’re happy either way, and it is the 1st in our inaugural set of 6 Yamanote Line stations!

About the Project

“TOKYO TRAIN TUNES” is a series of fun, sharable shorts soundtracked by each station's Yamanote train platform melody. The quick, playful videos highlight standout features and landmarks unique to each featured neighborhood. TTT is produced by Tokyo-based DIGITALHUB.JP.

Video by Shingo Yamada
Japan Travel Member

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Vicky Amin a year ago
Interesting project and spot-on video! But why only 6? Please feature all stations, especially Takadanobaba :D
I will go to ikebukuro in the next trip.