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A cacti and succulent haven

For cacti and succulent lovers in Tokyo, Kakusen-en is a true gem. Located on the rooftop (9th floor) of the Ikebukuro Seibu department store, Kakusen-en is a quaint little shop.

Relatively unassuming on the exterior, visitors will be stunned to find a magnificent greenhouse upon entering. Lining the outside of the store are succulents of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Inside the shop, customers enter a quiet world surrounded by all kinds of mysterious and exotic cacti. Cacti and succulent lovers will be able to browse among a wide selection while basking in the humid, fresh air within the greenhouse.

The interior of the shop is divided into roughly six sections. As one delves deeper into the store, one can find larger potted plants, hanging ferns, and miniature bonsai. If one is feeling brave, there is even a secluded section selling expensive, petite, bonsai moss balls. Finally, near the cashier there is a section designated to tools, pots, and soils to serve a planter's needs.

If you are a cactus or succulent lover, want a new desk friend, or simply in search of a refreshing place, Kakusen-en is the shop to explore.