Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 4 – Ueno

Yamanote Line circular loop in sound

By Shingo Yamada    - 1 min read

The Ueno Station neighborhood offers some of the best visuals in the entire Yamanote set thus far. As for the enjoyability of the platform melody, we'll let you decide!

About the Project

“TOKYO TRAIN TUNES” is a series of fun, sharable shorts soundtracked by each station's Yamanote train platform melody. The quick, playful videos highlight standout features and landmarks unique to each featured neighborhood. TTT is produced by Tokyo-based DIGITALHUB.JP.

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Shingo Yamada

Shingo Yamada @shingo.yamada

I'm a producer at Tokyo-based multimedia production firm DIGITALHUB.JP.

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Rasawulan Sari Widuri 2 years ago
Remind me for Tokyo.
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Watashi mou suki desu!
Cathy Cawood 2 years ago
Nice! If I close my eyes I'm there. I really like this series of train tunes.