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Full of history and traditional Japanese culture

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Nov 2nd - Nov 26th

The rooster is the tenth symbol in the Japanese zodiac. In Japanese it is often called tori, and it is associated with gain and..

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National Parks of Japan

National Parks of Japan

Aug 25th - Nov 29th

Japan's 34 national parks present diverse landscapes, wildlife, and natural environments. The National Parks of Japan: Stories..

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Momoyama Exhibition

Momoyama Exhibition

Oct 6th - Nov 29th

The Azuchi-Momoyama period was the 30 year timeframe from the fall of the Muromachi shogunate in 1573 until the establishment of..


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Maguro Bito

Maguro Bito

Perri Silverstein

This hugely popular conveyor-belt sushi shop in Asakusa attracts both tourists and locals. The price per plate ranges from 140 to..


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Meat Bar Rosemary Ueno

Meat Bar Rosemary Ueno

Sherilyn Siy

At lunch time, Meat Bar Rosemary Ueno offers reasonably priced Indian curry sets. Dine in cozy booths with dark wood tables, a romantic..


About Taito

Taito-ku has an abundance of new modern facilities to enjoy, the area is full of history and traditional Japanese culture going back to the Edo period of the 17th Century. Unlike some of the more over enthusiastically developed areas of the city, where bulldozers have removed all the charming sense of the past, Taito-ku has preserved many neighborhoods with old style characteristics and culture carried on in the Shitamachi spirit.

There are a number of main neighborhoods to explore as well as small off the beaten track places of interest. You will find many places to explore in this area.

Ueno is home to the oldest and first public park established in Tokyo in 1873. Ueno Park is the home to some of Tokyo's most splendid cultural sites. Inside the park you will find a variety of things to explore from, temples, national, art, nature and science museums and Ueno Zoo.

Across from the park is the bustling marketplace of Ameyoko. From discount merchandise sold by energetic street vendors to brand name shops and upper-end department stores it is a shoppers paradise.

Asakusa is a thriving temple town and a long and distinguished history. The landmark of the area is the grand Senso-ji, a temple built in the 7th century with its splendid Kaminarimon or Thunder gate.

Sumida Park stretches along the river and is a popular spot for Cherry blossom viewing in spring and fireworks displays in summer. Many events and festivals are held throughout the year attracting crowds of people to enjoy the celebrations and charming sights Asakusa has to offer.

Taito-ku is a cradle of both Japanese culture and modern facilities that has something to offer for everyone. It is a must see area for any visitor to Tokyo.