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Ameyoko Dining and Street Food

The best food and restaurants near Ueno station

Ameya-Yokochō, commonly Ameyoko, in Taito-ku is one of Tokyo's most vibrant markets for souvenir shopping with over 400 shops to visit. Within easy range of Ueno park and zoo there is a lot to do in the area. Ameyoko is also famous for food with a great variety of street food and restaurants to choose from. Here are a few well-known recommendations for the next time you visit.

New fruits stand - Though not a restaurant the fresh fruit along the street is certainly worth sampling. Try a variety of fruits for 100 - 200 yen each.

Oyama meat dish and beer - A quick stop that should not be missed. Try a piece of fried food here and wash it down with a drink to tide you over between meals.

Daitouryou - This is a fun and cozy Japanese style izakaya with tables and bar seating. They specialize in innards and giblets, but there is a standard izakaya type menu with a variety of vegetables, yakitori and (of course) alcohol.

Magurodonya Miura Misakiko sushi - You may need to line up a bit for this one, but this is the area's best (and cheapest) sushi. They specialize in a huge Mount of tuna, a heaping serving of tuna. There is an English menu and ranking for those unsure of what to try! Sushi ranges from 100 - 300 yen per plate.

Chanokiminoen ice cream - Though the store specializes in tea the ice cream should not be overlooked. Try ice cream from cone or cup in vanilla, green tea or mixed flavor.

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