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Ameyoko Market, Ueno

The former black market is now a busy bazaar

The name "Ameyoko", comes from the Japanese “Ame”, a slang term for America and “yokocho”, meaning "alley" in Japanese, and has been an active market since the end of World War II.

Although the first goods sold here were mainly items left behind by departing American soldiers, it was also home to a black market. Very few traces remain of the market's shady past. Nowadays, Ameyokocho has transformed into a long, huge, busy, and crowded market. Army accessories are still sold along with unique shoes and clothes, swimwear, the latest soccer T-shirts and spices.

Local food stalls and drugstores are also very reasonably priced. What's more, you can also try your hand at bartering with the local vendors! Ameyokocho is located between JR Ueno Station and JR Okachimachi station, making this unique market very accessible.

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