Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR

Shibuya Scramble Square Opens Autumn 2019

A gourmet shopper's paradise

Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR
By Serena Ogawa    - 3 min read

Get ready for a new landmark in Shibuya—the sleek 230-meter tall Shibuya Scramble Square opens November 1st, 2019; and it is sure to be a smash hit addition to this already exciting and bustling Tokyo hub.

But this isn’t just another towering skyscraper to be enjoyed as part of the Shibuya skyline – this 2014 urban renewal project covers three buildings with a total floor area of 181,000 m2. The East Wing of this gorgeous complex will be ready in no time, while the West Wing and Central Building will be joining completion later in 2028. It’ll be exciting to see how the city evolves around Scramble Square in that time.

(Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR)

Shibuya Scramble Square will be easy to locate from its vantage point in front of Shibuya Station. Visitors will want to visit right away and head up. From the 2nd to the 14th floor, you’re looking at a deluxe shopping experience filled to the brim with 212 urban commercial facilities in a calming space. From luxurious food to the latest fashion trends of Tokyo and the world, you’ll find everything you might possibly want at this trendy shopping mall, even lifestyle goods and beauty products. And in 2028, the opening of the other two buildings will add another whopping 70,000 m2 of shopping space. With that many stores, you’ll need all day to see everything!

(Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR)

But if you thought these were the same old shops you’ve seen everywhere else, think again. In addition to some staple Japanese names, you’ll also find 37 brand new retailers, never seen anywhere else; 45 new to the Shibuya area; 4 shops with their first location in Tokyo; and 7 stores coming to Japan for the first time ever! It’s sure to be retail therapy heaven for even the most world-traveled shoppers.

(Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR)

Shibuya Sky

On the 14th floor, you’ll find the entry ticketing counter to Shibuya Sky—Shibuya’s new highest observation deck covering the 45th, 46th, and 47th rooftop floors.

Tickets are priced at 2,000 yen, and get you a sweeping panorama view of not only Shibuya but also its surrounding areas.

On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji and Tokyo Skytree. And how about peeking down at the Shibuya Scramble Intersection from above? Rain and shine, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the city thanks to their indoor viewing area.

Last entry is at 22:00, so don’t forget to visit at night for an entirely different atmosphere!

Above the clouds - the Shibuya Sky observation deck spanning three floors opens in Nov 2019
Above the clouds - the Shibuya Sky observation deck spanning three floors opens in Nov 2019 (Photo: Shibuya Scramble Square PR)

You will definitely want to visit again when the other two wings of Shibuya Scramble Square are completed in order to experience the “urban core”, a vertical elevator connecting all three buildings. This marvelous connecting elevator will be located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of each building, and is sure to offer its own unique excitement to any Shibuya experience.

With so much to see and do and buy at the Shibuya Scramble Square it will be like visiting another world inside of Shibuya. Sure to enthrall any visitor with its charm, splendor, and dizzying heights, the Square will become a steadfast installation to Shibuya’s ever-growing and changing cityscape and is sure to be an unforgettable part of any trip to Tokyo and Japan at large.

Getting there

Easily accessible from the East Exit of JR Shibuya Station.

More info

Find out more about Shibuya Scramble Square.

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Wow, the view from there is going to be spectacular.
Elizabeth S 2 years ago
Good idea! December and January mean clear skies over Tokyo.
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What a cool concept! Just when you think Shibuya has it all they still deliver more amazing stuff!
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WOW!!! Impressing!
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Geez, Shibuya never stops...
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