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Shibuya Crossing New Year Countdown

Count down to the new year in Tokyo's beating heart

By Serena Ogawa    - 1 min read
Venue: Shibuya Scramble Square When: Late Dec 2022 - Early Jan 2023

While there are many New Year traditions in Japan, from gathering at shrines to watching Kohaku Uta Gassen on TV, perhaps one of the largest is the Shibuya Crossing countdown. Gathering in warm clothes, crowded together, and watching the New Year’s countdown is a staple of every year for many a Tokyoite.

Meet up at Shibuya Scramble for a truly unforgettable night. The world’s busiest crossing shuts down to vehicles at 9 pm on December 31st and becomes a giant party for countdown partygoers. Look forward to visiting the stage in front of Shibuya 109 to see various hosts pass the chilly time until midnight.

You’ll become a part of hundreds of thousands of people in a massive wave waiting for the new year to turn. Of course, alternatively, if large crowds aren’t your thing then consider this your alert to stay away from Shibuya Station. The streets and surrounding areas stay crowded well past midnight with the no-car ban lifting at 2 am.

Welcome the new year in a modern Tokyo-style and be a part of the last great party of the year!

Getting there

Shibuya Station can easily be reached by many lines, including the Yamanote loop line.

More info

Find out more about Shibuya Scramble Square.

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