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On Uta no Yu Hot Spring Spa a week ago
It's the lushest hot spring spa garden I've seen yet in the Kanto area. Autumn and spring are the best times with seasonal flowers and foliage....
On Experience Playing Japanese Drums 2 weeks ago
I can't recommend taiko experience more! In my hometown in Canada, a professional taiko group hosts workshops. The dynamic movement and rhythm...
On Noda City Museum and Mogi Residence 2 weeks ago
For Tokyo residents, it’s an easy - and budget! - day trip.
On Digital Museum: TeamLab Borderless 2 weeks ago
The digital tea is fascinating.

It looks like tickets are still available for July. It looks like it’s woth the visit.
On A Summer Day in Ouchi-Juku 2 weeks ago
The veranda looks so relaxing, and the green soothing. It
Looks like a great getaway this summer.