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On The Japan Temple Stamp Book 3 days ago
Great detailed description of how you use goshuin.

Note that you don’t have to commit to a book. I was at Ryosenji in Shimoda City whe...
On Amabiki Kannon Temple 2 weeks ago
The temple stimulates all the senses. On the approach from Iwase Station (from which I usually walk to the temple, about 90 minutes), you...
On A Visit to Tamozawa Imperial Villa 2 weeks ago
It’s so close to Shinkyo. I had no idea.

Your photos capture the stateliness of the villa.
On Hanata-en Garden 2 weeks ago
At the big name tourist draws, you may be surrounded by crowds. Most of the stories I cover here are within easy reach of Tokyo, are not as...
On A Goddess in the Saw-tooth Mountain a month ago
Your video captures the feeling well!

The breezes off the ocean, the views and the peaceful Kannon statue are worth a visit. I go every...