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Teganuma Marsh Cycling

Teganuma, the marsh between Kashiwa and Abiko Cities, is served by many bike rental locations. Take a refreshing ride around one of the largest freshwater marshes in the Tokyo area.

Sakuragi Shrine of Cherry Blossoms

Sakuragi Shrine, the oldest in Noda City, celebrates the cherry blossom. The gardens feature cherry tree varieties that bloom throughout the year.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum

Noda is Soy Sauce City , the home of Kikkoman soy sauce brewing. The free factory tour reveals the history of the process and stimulates the senses.

The Japanese Sword Museum

The Japanese Sword Museum is a center for preserving historical weapons and supporting the continuing tradition of turning iron into fine works of art and function.The museum displays describe the process and history of this 1000-year-old art.

Kamihawana Historical House

Kamihanawa Historical House in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture preserves an Edo Period soy sauce brewer s estate. Edo Period living quarters, a store house and a classic Japanese garden are open to the public.

Issa Soju Memorial Hall

Issa-Soju Memorial Hall in Nagareyama City, a fine example of local architecture and dry landscape garden, gives a glimpse into the world of on of Japan s great haiku poets. Tea is served on the veranda, and visitors can try their hand at writing haiku.

Amabiki Kannon Temple

Rakuhoji, also known as Amabiki Kannon, or the Rain-drawing Kannon, is reknowned for cherry blossoms in spring, and hydrangeas in May and June. Rakohoji has many cultural properties, including a statue of Kannon in the sanctuary.

Kikuya Sweets Shop in Noda City

Kikuya is a charming little wagashi, Japanese sweets, shop in Noda City. Kikuya s unique confections include Noda City s famous soy sauce and represent local traditions.


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