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Spring Flowers at Tokyo German Village

Sakura, poppies, nemophila, and more

Tokyo German Village is a theme park in Chiba Prefecture that offers visitors a taste of German culture and tradition. The park features various attractions, including a multitude of spring flowers that color the grounds.

If you're visiting the area during this time of year, these are some of the flowers you can expect to see.

Sakura and moss phlox (shibazakura)

For fans of all things pink, Tokyo German Village is home to numerous sakura trees dotted throughout the grounds, plus approximately 70,000 pretty moss phlox (shibazakura) plants located by the boat pond. If you time your visit right, it's possible to enjoy both blooms at the same time.

Photo: Meiwa Kosan Co., Ltd. Tokyo German Village Division


From mid-April to mid-May, it's time for the nemophila to shine. Around 70,000 plants fill the Irodori no Oka area in a beautiful sky blue, blanketing the ground with color. The flowers are also known as baby blue eyes as a result of their beautiful hue.

Photo: Meiwa Kosan Co., Ltd. Tokyo German Village Division

Livingstone daisies

Livingstone daisies (also known as mesembryanthemum) are another flower to look forward to, and they're located next to the park's Children's Zoo. They number around 35,000, and are revered for their array of bright colors including pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, and white. Some varieties even have bi-colored or striped petals, and the best time to catch them in bloom is also from mid-April to mid-May.

Photo: Meiwa Kosan Co., Ltd. Tokyo German Village Division


You can also expect to see poppies around mid-April to mid-May, with somewhere around 6000 of the flowers for visitors to enjoy.

Photo: Meiwa Kosan Co., Ltd. Tokyo German Village Division

If you want to know how the flowers are doing in real-time, check the Tokyo German Village website for updates. Also, if you're unable to plan a visit in spring, there are plenty of other flowers to enjoy during other seasons – there are hydrangeas, lilies, and sunflowers during summer, cockscomb, marigolds, and kochia in autumn, and nanohana during winter.

Getting there

Tokyo German Village is located approximately 5 minutes driving time from Anezaki Sodegaura IC on the Tateyama Expressway, or around 10 minutes from the Kisarazu Higashi IC on the Ken-O Expressway.

For those visiting via public transport, buses are available to the venue from JR Chiba Station. Take the Kapina-go Highway Bus (Chiba-Kamogawa Line) and alight at the dedicated stop for Tokyo German Village.

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