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Pizzeria Bosso

Delizioso pizza and lakeside views

The Pizzeria Bosso restaurant sits nearby Ichihara Lakeside Museum, overlooking Lake Takataki in Ichihara, central Chiba.

It's not necessarily easy to find good pizza in Japan, but Pizzeria Bosso does a fantastic job. With everything cooked fresh in their wood-fired oven, choose from a range of pizzas on the menu, including Margherita (¥1,980), Farmhouse (¥1,980), Otaki boar sausage and Yachimata peanut (¥2,080) varieties.

There are numerous reasons to visit this area beside the pizza: the art museum (renewed in 2013) and lakeside views, the art sculptures and walking opportunities around Lake Takataki are all worth making the trip here.

Nearby, a Fujiwara-style water pump sits beside the lake, next to a 28 m tall observation tower. The view from the top of the tower has been designated as one of the 100 best views across Chiba.

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