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On Arita Cafe & Gallery 'Saredo' 19 hours ago
I hope you have a wonderful visit! If you stop by this shop, let them know you read about them on JapanTravel. They'll be happy to hear it!...
On Shikoku's Hotel Kazurabashi 3 weeks ago
Hi Victoria! I highly recommend a visit. The cable car just connects the hotel to its baths on the top of a hill. We drove, but I believe...
On Iwami Ginzan's Omori-cho 2 months ago
I highly recommend a visit. I'd rank Omori-cho as one of my favorite spots in all of Japan!
On Sakamoto Kurozu Tsubobatake 5 months ago
I highly recommend that you give it a try!
On Tatsukushi Kaigan Walking Trail a year ago
My pleasure! It is said to be one of Japan's top snorkeling and scuba diving areas.