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Tokyo Night Visuals

See the capital under the cover of darkness

Much has been said about Tokyo's night scene — it is a gold mine for photographers. However, more often than not, night photography is a little difficult for those without a DSLR and a tripod. But with increasingly powerful phone cameras, taking great photos of your favourite places at night is now possible.

This photo story brings you to Tokyo's best attractions at night, and perhaps you might find yourself heading out after dinner to search for your money shot. Forget the token photos of Tokyo Tower; from the bright lights of Shibuya, to the quiet alleys of Yurakucho, there are gems to be found in plain sight.

Looking for the perfect shot at night can be daunting, with more finesse needed at times, but that shouldn't stop you. What you need is only a stable pair of hands and you're pretty much good to go.

For a more in depth article on night photography, head here to see how to compose better pictures and make the right choices with the lack of natural lighting.

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