Mar 17th
Buy kimonos and vintage jewelry at Oedo Antique Market (Photo: Jemma King / JT)
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Oedo Antique Market

The market that will satisfy all your antique needs

Venue: Tokyo International Forum When: Sunday - Mar 17th 2024

Due to heat, the Oedo Antique Market will be closed during August.

The Oedo Antique Market is considered the largest outdoor antique market in Japan. Held on the first and third Sunday of every month from 9am to 4pm, you’ll find an abundance of vendors selling traditional Japanese clothing, ornaments, tableware, equipment, accessories and other various antiques. There are also many Western booths, so the market attracts a diverse background of visitors.

People from all over the world looking for unique antiques at affordable prices
People from all over the world looking for unique antiques at affordable prices (Photo: Oedo Antique Market @ International Forum @ Yurakucho – Guilhem Vellut / CC BY 2.0)

The Oedo Antique Market originated around September 2003 and has since been a place that allows locals and foreigners alike to appreciate antiques and other niches.

The market is held at the Tokyo International Forum, which is a five-minute walk from Yurakucho Station. It is also occasionally held in Yoyogi Park.

Due to the large number of visitors, we recommend that you attend the market early. The event gets quite crowded around noon, and while it does officially close at 4pm, vendors will often begin to close up their booths at 3pm.

Most booths will only accept cash. Fortunately, there are convenience stores located nearby and on the first floor of the Tokyo International Forum building to accommodate your cash withdrawal needs. Prices range from a couple thousand yen to sometimes hundreds of thousands of yen depending on what you’re purchasing.

For information about the location and potential cancellations due to bad weather, visit Oedo Antique Market’s official website.


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