Musashi Itsukaichi’s Akiru Shrine 7

Musashi Itsukaichi’s Akiru Shrine

Come and visit Akiru Shrine located within Tokyo's northeastern Akigawa Valley where you can escape the stress of the metropolis..

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Tinys Living Hub, Yokohama 8

Tinys Living Hub, Yokohama

Come and experience a relaxing drink while gazing out over Yokohama’s Ookagawa River in a trendy new ‘living hub’ known as Tinys

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Hydrangeas at Enkakuji Temple 8

Hydrangeas at Enkakuji Temple

Popular throughout anytime of the year, Kamakura’s Enkakuji Temple is a great place to visit during the rainy season where the..

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Yokohama Garden Necklace 2019 7

Yokohama Garden Necklace 2019

Even if you’re not especially interested in flowers, it’s hard not to be impressed by Yokohama’s annual ‘Garden Necklace’ flow..

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