Yokohama’s Marine and Walk 7

Yokohama’s Marine and Walk

If you like the summer and shopping, then look no further than Yokohama`s Marine and Walk where you can find a tempting array of..

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Rainy Days at Kamakuragu Shrine 7

Rainy Days at Kamakuragu Shrine

For anyone wanting to experience a more relaxed side to this historical city, then Kamakuragu is the place to come

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Azaleas at Myohonji Temple 7

Azaleas at Myohonji Temple

Enjoy the sights and tranquility of one of Kamakura’s most peaceful temples, especially from around, mid-April to May, where t..

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Yokohama’s Gumyoji Temple 7

Yokohama’s Gumyoji Temple

Come and visit the peaceful Gumyoji Temple in suburban Yokohama, where you can step back in time and escape the surrounding concrete..

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