Roppongi Hills in Video

Visiting this shopping and entertainment complex

By Gonzague Gay-Bouchery    - 1 min read

Alongside Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills is a modern urban center designed to give a second life to the old and dirty Roppongi area. Completed in 2003, Roppongi Hills, along with its 238m high Mori Tower, is famous for its shopping area, large selection of nice restaurants and its large esplanade where companies organise events all year long.

It’s by no means the most exciting place to visit in Tokyo, however Roppongi Hills does offer a stunning panoramic view of Tokyo (especially Tokyo Tower) from either its rooftop, the Sky Deck, or from the 52nd floor of the building.

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Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

A true contemplative experience. TokyoStreetView comes from this huge passion that some of us have for Japan in order to offer people around the world the chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of Japan and its many wonders. Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView videos are purely contemplative where our camera(s) are your eyes, our tripod your chair. Just sit with us, relax and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10 seconds sequences of RAW videos of Japan. We hope our passion for this mesmerizing country will touch your heart though our videos like it did for us the first day we set foot on this beautiful archipelago that is Japan

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Victoria Vlisides 6 years ago
A relaxing video with some enticing architecture... And really funny about the girls who are talking about selfies.