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Squirrels and shopping west of downtown Tokyo

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Ramen Oozakura

Ramen Oozakura

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Ramen Oozakura (ラーメン大桜) is a regional ramen chain home to central Kanagawa that does great iekei-style ramen, serving wh..


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About Machida

A 35-minute train ride away from Shinjuku, Machida provides a respite from the chaos in downtown Tokyo. The town offers a mix of traditional charms and modern entertainment to keep visitors busy.

Animal lovers can head straight for Squirrel Park, where 100 squirrels roam and can be fed. For farming enthusiasts, the Furusato Museum of Agricultural Tools has a wide range of tools on display and was built to inspire younger people to continue farming. During spring, the Ondagawa is lined with cherry blossoms that make it a picture perfect spot for phototaking.

Every September, the Machida Eisa Festival is held — this Okinawan traditional folk dance performance sees many groups come to perform at a parade over the weekend. Join the robust festivities at Haramachida Oodori street and immerse yourself in one of Japan's most popular dances.

Just like the 23 wards, Machida has an array of shopping options to suit your needs. Familiar names such as Don Quijote, Book Off, and Lumine are present, as well as outlet malls like Grandberry Mall and Tokyu Twins.

Food is never far from anywhere in Machida, with a daily dose of ramen, gyoza, and all sorts of snacks just around the corner. With no shortage of accommodations in the area, Machida is a convenient place to visit and spend a day at.