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More than just a fish market in downtown Tokyo

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Tsukiji Foodies Tour

Tsukiji Foodies Tour

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Tsukiji Fish Market is still attracting visitors. Take a Tsukiji Foodies Tour to learn about the history of the market and help..


About Tsukiji

The first thing that comes to mind when Tsukiji is mentioned is the fish market, and rightly so. Tsukiji Market, one of the largest of its kinds, is the cornerstone of this area.

A tourist hotspot, Tsukiji Market sees thousands of visitors every day, undeterred by the smells that permeate the 23-hectare ground. Slalom your way around staff who drive trolleys and carry bulk loads of seafood throughout the market and experience firsthand the operations that go into maintaining this soon-to-be shifted market.

If you are keen, turn up around 3am to get in line for the tuna auction, which starts around 5-6am. Most days, the limited number of people admitted is exceeded so be sure to get up early enough.

Moving to Toyosu at the end of 2018, Tsukiji Market is the major attraction in the otherwise quiet Tsukiji neighborhood. Nearby, Tsukishima is a small, man-made island that's renowned for monjayaki, a runny pancake slightly similar to okonomiyaki comprising mixed ingredients such as seafood, meat and vegetables.

The robot-operated hotel Henn na Hotel Ginza is a short walk from Tsukiji Station, and provides a quirky accommodation option if visitors choose to immerse themselves in the weird side of Japan.