Things to Do in Kyoto

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If you're visiting Kyoto, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Joe Okada: The Last Samurai

Joe Okada is Japan's oldest active tour guide. With his samurai gear and katana, he will bring you through Kyoto and let you experience the former capital's tradition with a highly anticipated performance near the end.

Finding a Cooking Class in Kyoto

Allow yourself a few hours or half a day for this hands on immersion experience, where you are paired with a local teacher to discover the secrets to Japanese culinary magic and culture.

Tenryu-ji Temple in Summer

One of the attractions in Arashiyama is Tenryu-ji Temple and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. In summer, you will see the temple and its garden in green colors. You can also sit by the corridor of the temple to gaze into the pond and the blue skies and let your mind drift with the cicadas singing its melody.

Firefly Viewing in Uji

From late May to mid-June, Uji City Botanical Park near Kyoto plays host to fireflies, delighting young and old alike. A short bus ride (or a fair uphill walk) from the city centre brings you here where its entrancing firefly population show off their luminescent talents for just a few weeks a year.