Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue

KYOTO STEAM: International Arts × Science Festival

Experience the fusion of art & modern technology

Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue
Venue: Okazaki Area When: Late Mar 2022
Notice: The dates for this event are not yet confirmed. This page will be updated once the official date(s) are announced by the event organizers. Please check the official event site for the latest info.

KYOTO STEAM – International Arts × Science Festival 2020 is a unique festival that is made of multiple arts and cultural events that explore the relationship between art and science.

Taking place in Okazaki, Kyoto between March 21st - 29th, the festival will feature the long-awaited return and World Premiere of Dumb Type's newest work after 18 years!

KYOTO STEAM is open to all those in the Kyoto area interested in art and science. With a wide array of exhibitions available for individuals and families, this year's festival is sure to leave you with some unforgettable experiences.

Program of events

Dumb Type

Date: 3.28 (Sat)—3.29 (Sun)
Venue: South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

Work in Progress (2019)
Work in Progress (2019) (Photo: Yoshikazu Inoue)

Dumb Type is a Legendary multimedia performance group of artists comprised of members from various fields such as visual art, video, computer programming, music and dance.

Formed in 1984, the group has been active both in Japan and internationally, presenting multimedia performances and installations in ever-changing forms.

Based in Kyoto, participating members of the group vary from project to project and works produced are not constrained by existing genres.

Now, for the first time since Voyage (2002), 18 years ago, Dumb Type will present their newest work in March 2020 at South Hall, ROHM Theater Kyoto. Tickets will start selling on Jan 18th 2020 and can be purchased online.

Art × Science IN Kyoto City Zoo

Date: 3.21(Sat)—22(Sun) / 3.24(Tue)—3.29(Sun)
Venue: Kyoto City Zoo

The 2020 festival will display an exhibition featuring Kyoto City Zoo where they will attempt to answer the question: "What do chimpanzees feel in arts?"

This year's exhibition will be using technology to create an interactive video work which changes in accordance with the movements of chimpanzees and visitors in an attempt to explore communication between chimpanzees and humans through art.

Kyoto Cultivates Team

Date: 3.26 (Thu)
Venue: ROHM Theatre Kyoto North Hall

Surrounding the theme of Art×Science/Technology, the festival will invite STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) experts to hold extended workshops to create new ideas and projects.

Art × Food Market

Date: 3.28 (Sat)—29 (Sun)
Venue: ROHM Square ROHM Theatre Kyoto, Okazaki Park.

This exhibition focuses on an indispensable part of our daily life, food. Through the medium of Japanese culinary culture, which is renowned throughout the world, participants will be asked to use their five senses to consider the rich nature of Japan through its culinary culture; deepening their understanding of the artistic and scientific aspects of food.

Shinsarugakuki - cirque de Kyoto~

Date: 3.29 (Sun)
Venue: Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

This exhibition showcases Japanese and French performers, collaborating with enterprises of various technologies to express the entertainment value of a present-day performance that finds its roots in the popular entertainment form of ‘Sarugaku.’

This new performance, Shinsarugakuki - cirque de kyoto~, depicts the original cultural creation story of Kyoto inspired by "Shinsarugakuki", written by Fujiwara no Akihira during the mid-Heian period.

Art × Science Workshop

The Kyoto City University of Arts and its attending students will be holding a public workshop on Art and Science.

Students and participates will explore the possibilities of art and science through researchers and artists present at the event as they attempt to exchange knowledge and values from their fields with visitors.

KYOTO Shaping the Future

Date: 3.27 (Fri)—3.29 (Sun)
Venue: 3F, Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center Corp. (Miyako Messe)

By visualizing the dynamic relationship between culture, resources, natural environment and the city structure that has shaped the historical city of Kyoto, Kyoto Institute of Technology will present an interactive exhibition on three subjects: Clothing, Food, and Housing.

This futuristic ‘Urban Experience Museum’ provides an enjoyable new format in which participants can experience Kyoto and have fun while acquiring a deeper understanding of the city.

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With eight days of such diverse presentations this festival looks like a great excursion for Kyoto visitors.
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Sounds interesting! Thanks!
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Fascinating collection of events worth checking out.