100 Famous Japanese Mountains


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Gathering together the mountains that make up this famous list, the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, or Hyakumeizan, by famed mountaineer and author, Kyūya Fukada.

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The top of Mount Shibutsu in Gunma is a rocky 5-hour trip but it's totally worth the view!
Travelers looking for an easy day hike with fantastic alpine scenery should head directly to Iwate Prefecture's Hachimantai Nature Trail.
Scale some of Kyushu's highest peaks during a hike of the Kuju Mountain Range.
Kagoshima's volcanic Mt Kaimon resembles big brother Mt Fuji but is a much easier climb with views that are just as good.
Exploring Iwate's second highest mountain, Hayachine.
Mount Iwate is 2,038 meters tall and can be accessed from 6 different trails. I have always hiked it from the East side via a trail called "umagaeshi", which means "where horses turn around".