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On Ajimu Rural Homestay 3 years ago
I went to Ajimu recently as well. It was a really nice little town!
On Ryokan Kangetsu 3 years ago
That's so unfortunate! It really was a fantastic ryokan. Thank you for the update, Daniel!
On Hikarigaoka Park 4 years ago
That would be fine, Daniela, go ahead!
On Exploring the Landmarks of Odaiba 5 years ago
"Saw, Sawing" by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen was one of Odaiba's first art installations in 1996. The original plans for the site...
On Ryokan Kangetsu 5 years ago
Hi Bonson,
The look of the website certainly has changed since I wrote this article - the site is now about recommended ryokans in Ota-ku....