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On Iwate Prefecture Top 10 Attractions a month ago
Good article, number 3, the Sanriku Railway now only runs from Miyako to Hachinohe. It was severely damaged in the 2011 earthquake and following...
On Fuji Rock Festival 2017 2 months ago
Wow, I must be getting old, except for Bjork, I haven't heard of any of the acts that you talked about. Still sounds like a lot of fun.
On Great Earth Cycling Event in Furano 3 months ago
Looks like fun, when was that vent? I'm getting ready to ride across Tohoku this Sunday, I actually hope for rain or at least clouds. Last Sunday...
On Off The Beaten Track 5 months ago
Very nice pictures, the deer in front of the gate is awesome.
On A Taste of Iwate 6 months ago
Thanks for the comment, winter in Iwate is kind of short only about 3-4 months, December to March, so plenty of time to visit in between. My...