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On Japan's Finest Beef at Kobe Wakkoqu 3 years ago
Thanks Jerome! I had a great time sampling a lot of delicious food in Japan, sadly I am back in the UK, but I have a few restaurants still to...
On Utsubo Park, Osaka 3 years ago
Thank you Laura. I've never seen so many different roses, from the classic red roses to multicoloured ones like in the cover photo. It's well...
On Firefly Viewing in Uji 4 years ago
Hi Tayub, I was using an SLR yes. I'm sure you can get amazing photos of fireflies elsewhere, but at Uji park cameras are banned. I assume it's...
On Firefly Viewing in Uji 4 years ago
The problem is that if you take photos (or use any artificial lights) the fireflies don't light up, that's part of the magic though!
On Cycle Osaka 4 years ago
Looks like a really fun way to see the city!