Colors imbued with Japan's beauty (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)
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Causette Joli

Nail products inspired by Japanese culture, nature, and seasons

Add a touch of color to your life, and admire the simple beauty of each moment.

Causette Joli is a Japanese cosmetics company that aims to inspire happiness through nail products that embody Japan’s cultural, natural, and seasonal beauty. The company’s two brick-and-mortar stores—located in Kyoto and Kamakura—stand among some of the country’s most beloved traditional sights and act as perfect extensions of the aesthetically beautiful areas.

With its thoughtful brand concept, uniquely Japanese products, and endearing shopping experience, Causette Joli serves as a wonderful way to add some vibrancy to your Japan itinerary.

The brand

Hoshizukiyo Ryoushi
Hoshizukiyo Ryoushi (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)

As introduced above, Causette Joli sells nail polish, nail care, and skincare that incorporate elements of Japanese nature, seasons, and culture—specifically its history and kami (gods). Sachiko Kakegawa, Causette Joli’s brand producer, sought to capture these cherished themes in the form of unique nail colors. For instance, one of the shop’s most popular colors is Shakuyaku Tanrei—an elegant pink hue that roughly translates to “graceful peony.” Now, even long after the cherry blossoms have fallen and the autumn leaves have been born anew, you still can remember these beautiful times by simply looking at your nails.

The company’s name itself derives from the French words “Causette,” which is a woman’s name associated with speaking a lot, and “Joli,” which means pretty. Together, these words convey an image of guests and staff chatting as they explore the elegant colors. In fact, Causette Joli’s physical stores are named, “L’instant joli,” which translates to “the beautiful moment”—symbolizing the atmospheres of the stores.

The products

Test a range of products
Test a range of products (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)

Causette Joli sells a range of colors, including reds, pinks, blues, neutrals, yellows, greens, and more. In addition to its year-round products, the store also sells seasonal colors that change every year, as well as location-exclusive colors.

To create its polishes, Causette Joli uses varying combinations of red, yellow, blue, white, and black. As most skin tones either have blue or yellow undertones, the shop offers numerous polishes that expertly balance these two colors, meaning that they are suitable for many different skin tones. These inclusive colors are also allergen free and thus, do not include multiple chemicals typically found in other nail polishes. Additionally, thanks to its children’s peel-off polish line and variety of adult colors, everyone, regardless of age, can find a color that makes them smile. To quote Kakegawa, “Everyone wants to be beautiful, from young to old.”

Product testing area
Product testing area (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)

When people wear Causette Joli’s polish, Kakegawa wants them to feel happy. “You can wear very nice makeup on your face, but, unless you are in front of a mirror, you can’t see it. However, with your nails, you can always look down and immediately feel beautiful,” Kakegawa shared with a beaming smile.

Aside from its polishes, Causette Joli also offers hand care serum, nail serum, nail polish remover, cuticle remover, aromatic nail oils, and nail files. After days of busy traveling, some TLC for your hands is an excellent gift for yourself.

The stores

Causette Joli sells its products online, as well as at participating TSUTAYA stores and other shops across Japan—including TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE Shibuya Scramble Square in Tokyo and TSUTAYA BOOKS Umeda Store in Osaka.

However, to truly experience the communal essence of Causette Joli’s brand, we recommend visiting its “L’instant joli” stores in Kyoto or Kamakura. Remember, both stores sell location-specific colors you cannot buy elsewhere!

L'instant joli / Causette Joli KYOTO

L'instant joli / Causette Joli KYOTO's entrance
L'instant joli / Causette Joli KYOTO's entrance (Photo: Causette Joli)

L'instant joli / Causette Joli KYOTO is located in Kyoto’s historic Higashiyama District and within walking distance of popular tourist sights, such as Kiyomizu-dera and Yasaka Shrine. The shop’s traditional yet modern facade, perfectly matches the vibes of the area and welcomes guests with its relaxed atmosphere.

The Kyoto's English-speaking staff are always ready to help
The Kyoto's English-speaking staff are always ready to help (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)

One of the store’s most unique elements is its testing table where you can try colors directly on your nails. If you are not sure which color best suits you, the English-speaking staff are happy to help. After confirming your color preferences and skin undertones, the staff will select personalized choices for you to try. If you do not wish to paint your nails, you can use a paper testing card to view the color. At these stations, you can also test the store's other nail products, such as its fragrant nail oil.

Another special feature about the Kyoto shop is its manicure option! If you purchase one of Causette Joli’s polishes, the staff can paint your nails for an additional 500 yen. This service is perfect for those who want to match their nails to the present season or simply want to have beautiful nails as they immortalize their Japan memories.

Relax with delicious tea
Relax with delicious tea (Photo: Alexander Farrell / JT)

The Kyoto store is also home to a relaxing tea shop on the second floor called Plaisir des Fleurs de Thé. As you rest on tatami floors with window side views of Yasaka Pagoda, you can choose from a variety of herbal teas with floral notes.

Address: 385-6 Yasaka Kamimachi, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0827 (Google Maps)

L'instant joli / Causette Joli KAMAKURA

L'instant joli / Causette Joli KAMAKURA’s storefront
L'instant joli / Causette Joli KAMAKURA’s storefront (Photo: Causette Joli)

Similar to its Kyoto sister store, L'instant joli / Causette Joli KAMAKURA is located near the sacred shrine, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, in the bustling tourist hotspot of Kamakura. The Kamakura shop offers all the same benefits as the Kyoto one, except it does not have the manicure service or tea shop. And while most of the staff cannot speak English, they are always happy to help guests with the use of translators.

Ask staff to help find the perfect color for you!
Ask staff to help find the perfect color for you! (Photo: Sebastian Wooster / JT)

Compared to the Kyoto shop, the Kamakura one focuses more on colors related to the changing seasons. With a modern and peaceful design, the Kamakura shop serves as a lovely way to explore Japanese culture and beauty.

Address: 1-8-34 Yukinoshita, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture 248-0005 (Google Maps)

Capture “the beautiful moment”

Thanks to Causette Joli, Japan’s beauty is at your fingertips—literally! Be sure to stop by one of its shops to experience the enchanting colors, atmospheres, and impeccable service.

Explore the links below to learn more about Causette Joli.

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