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Tenjuan Garden

A tranquil escape from the crowds at Nanzenji

You get the impression that you’ve stepped into a secret garden once you make your way past the subtle entrance at Tenjuan Garden. As a sub-temple, it features a rock pond and a lush garden that are both equally stunning in the Spring and Fall, serving as a worthwhile escape from the crowds that flock to the Nanzen-ji temple complex. Tenjuan Garden tends to not be overcrowded in the slightest, so the limit of time you’d like to place in losing your gaze in the koi fish or the ripples in the water is largely up to you. Either way, this charming garden is likely to leave a big impression whether you’re stopping by for a quick stroll or a longer duration of time. Find Tenjuan Garden just to the right of the path coming up from the main entrance at Nanzen-ji. A small fee of just 300 yen is required at the entrance.

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