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Best of Kyoto in Three Days
The top ten in Japan's ancient capital
Travel & Leisure has named Kyoto as the World’s Best City for the second consecutive year in row, making it a place to visit in every season and time of your life. Even if you have 3 days, you can truly make the top ten Kyoto experiences your own
Sasarindo Hotel in Kyoto
A pleasant hotel with a good breakfast in Gion
Comfortable hotel with spa bath in a room and free breakfast, in the center of Kyoto.
Yabusame Shinji
Traditional horse riding event at Shimogamo shrine
Every year in early May. witness the Yabusame Shinji at Shimogamo shrine, where Japanese mounted archers fire arrows at enemy targets.
Koryu-ji Temple in Kyoto
One of Kyoto's most ancient temples
Between central Kyoto and Arashiyama in Japan, Koryu-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple, home to some impressive, beautiful statues.
Karuta Hajime New Year's Card Game
The year's first card game at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto
At New Year in Japan's former capital of Kyoto, Karuta Hajime is an annual event where a popular traditional card game is played by women in period costume.
Gion Matsuri
Kyoto's biggest festival
Gion Matsuri is Kyoto’s largest festival which takes place throughout the month of July by the Yasaka Shrine.
Jam Hostel & Sake Bar
Riverfront views in Kyoto
JAM tends towards a more basic style of accommodation, primarily offering dormitory styled bunk rooms however a scattering of private rooms exists for those who prefer a greater degree of privacy. Whilst not trying to escape its tag as a hostel, JAM is well kept and relatively clean. Sitting on the banks of the Kamo river and facing eastward the hostel gets an abundance of natural light in the morning making it feel well-lit and welcoming.
Guest House Trip Sound
A warm, international welcome to Kyoto
Welcome to Trip Sound, a small guest house that provides a perfect base for Kyoto and offers something for everyone.
Sanjusangendo Temple
The temple with 1001 statues of Kannon
The temple of 33 intervals gives an undescribeable impression at Sanjusangendo in Kyoto
Torikizoku in Fushimi
Enjoy yakitori in the Otesuji shopping district
Torikizoku is a popular and affordable yakitori chain store in Japan. What is yakitori? Yakitori is grilled chicken served on wooden skewers in a variety of flavors - teriyaki, spiced salt, spicy, and more. Torikizoku serves extremely tender “Momo Yakitori,” which is the signature chicken meat skewer of many yakitori restaurants, and is a favorite for fans from around the world.
Found: 953 results