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Kirby Summer Cafe in Tokyo and Fukuoka

Enjoy colorful themed dishes at Kirby Cafe locations

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By Kim    - 2 min read

From July 1st until September 20th, the Kirby Cafe locations in Tokyo and Fukuoka will be hosting a summer themed event with a range of adorable dishes on offer, including mains, desserts, and drinks. Let's explore some of the offerings, shall we?

For the main dishes, there is a seafood yakisoba (2178 yen including tax) which comes served in a souvenir lunchbox:

Seafood Yakisoba - complete with a souvenir lunchbox
Seafood Yakisoba - complete with a souvenir lunchbox (Public Domain)

There is also the Kirby Burger and Salad set (1518 yen including tax):

Kirby Burger and Salad
Kirby Burger and Salad (Public Domain)

Or the yakiniku pilaf (1,738 yen including tax), which is advertised as being perfect for a bit of energy on those hot, humid summer days:

Yakiniku Pilaf
Yakiniku Pilaf (Public Domain)

For the sweet toothed visitors, why not try Kirby's cool pancake sandwich (2,838 yen including tax) which comes with a souvenir plate:

Kirby Pancakes
Kirby Pancakes (Public Domain)

Or the glitter gem apple jelly (1,738 yen including tax) which also comes with a souvenir star-shaped plate:

Apple jelly (the star plate is a souvenir!)
Apple jelly (the star plate is a souvenir!) (Public Domain)

Needless to say, whichever option you choose is bound to be too cute to eat -- almost!

Reservations can be made in advance for either of the cafes via the following websites:

Tokyo Kirby Cafe

Fukuoka Kirby Cafe

Please note that if you visit without a reservation, seating is subject to availability on the day.

Getting there

The Kirby Cafe in Tokyo is located within the Tokyo Solamachi complex. It can be accessed in around 4 minutes on foot from Oshiage Station (served by the Keisei Oshiage Line, Tobu Skytree Line, Toei Asakusa Line, and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) or around 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Skytree Station (served by the Tobu Skytree Line) .

The Kirby Cafe in Fukuoka is located at the Canal City Hakata North Building. It can be accessed within 10 to 15 minutes on foot from Hakata Station, which is served by various lines including the Sanyo Shinkansen, the Kyushu Shinkansen, and the Kagoshima Main Line.

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My Đặng 11 months ago
The delicious meals are decorated beautifully!
Lynda Hogan 11 months ago
If it wasn't for the pandemic, I'd definitely bring my eldest daughter - she's a huge kirby fan!
Elena Lisina 11 months ago
Cutest bento! And pancake! :P When I was little, I refused to eat and my grandma made me funny dishes, so I bet kids like them! :)
Kim Author 11 months ago
I think it always helps when food looks good! 🥰