Tokyo's Most Incredible View

Climbing the Tokyo Skytree

By Charles Colfer    - 1 min read

The Tokyo Skytree is Japan's tallest building, with a total of 450 floors. The tower is one of the most iconic focal points of Tokyo's skyline and is perhaps one of the most awe inspiring views you will ever witness.

The Skytree is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm, and no matter what time of day you decide to go, you will not be disappointed. Tokyo is known for its impressively large and sprawling landscape, but to truly understand this modern marvel a view from the top is necessary.

You can spend as much time up in the clouds as you care to, maybe with some tea or a light meal at the tower's cafe. Going at night nearly brought me to tears – the atmosphere was crushingly beautiful and the piano played over the loud speakers soothed everyone into a state of reflection. 

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